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Pumpherston, Letham Park & district

Location Letham Park: 55.905363, -3.491859 show in map Institute Place: 55.906648, -3.491625, show in map, Davmar Place: 55.907018, -3.492478.show in map
Former parish and county Parish of Midcalder, Edinburghshire
Current local authority area West Lothian
Construction history Letham Park built c.1924, Institute Place built c.1907, Davmar Place built c.1906
Ownership history Pumpherston Oil Company Ltd (Davmar Place owned by David Fleming until 1917)
Demolition history All still extant
Current status of site All houses are now private homes


The Pumpherston Oil Company built or purchased a number of areas of housing between Pumpherston North and South Villages.

Letham Park, built c. 1924 contains six blocks of spacious semi-detached homes built in the Garden City style. Homes were numbered 1 - 8 and 15 -18, suggesting that additional houses were planned. This detailed plan, dated 1966, from the BP Archive, shows the layout of Letham Park.

Institute Place, built 1907 consisted of five homes, built close to the village Institute, apparently comprising two semi detached and one detached villa

Davmar Place consisted of a block of six houses built c.1906 and purchased by the Pumpherston Oil Company in 1917. "Pumpherston: story of a shale village" indicates that the row was built by David Fleming, a foreman employed by the oil company; Davmar being a combination of his name and that of his wife Margaret.

For details of other oil company housing in Pumpherston see pages for Pumpherston North, South and Erskine Place.


Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

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