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Redhouse No.1 coal mine

Location 55.875602, -3.607399, show in map
Shale-field Cousland and Seafield shale-field
Dates opened and closed Opened c. 1907, abandoned 1908
Owner Pumpherston Oil Company Ltd
Type of working Incline adit at a gradient of 1 in 3
Seams worked Hurlet Coal
Oil works served Seafield Crude Oil Works
Current status of site Remains of bing still apparent as an area of rough ground within a grazed field


A short-lived attempt to mine coal to fuel Seafield Crude Oil Works. The pools, quarry and irregular ground along the outcrop of the Hurlet Coal suggest earlier small-scale workings.


Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

Underground Workings


BORING FOR MINERAL. - Boring operation have once more begun on Redhouse Farm. It is supposed that the Pumpherston Oil Company have taken over the mineral on that farm which belongs to Mr. Wood. It is hoped that boring will be successful, as it lies near to Blackburn and would cause a boom in the building trade again. The West Lothian Courier, April 5th 1907.

Not many months ago the Pumpherston Oil Company acquired the lease of the coal fields of Redhouse and Murrayfield. Sinking operations have been actively carried on in the interval, and it is now announced that coal has been struck by a mine, and a beginning made towards and ultimate output of 500 tons per day.... It will form a convenient and cheap source of supply for the adjoining works at Seafield and Deans, and when the requirements of those two works, and of Pumpherston works, a few miles distant, are satisfied, the surplus will be sold, and thus further profit secured for the company. The West Lothian Courier, 11th October 1907.

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