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Hartwood mine and coal pit

Location 55.830724, -3.574404 (shale mine), show in map 55.829694, -3.573240 (coal pit) show in map
Shale-field West Calder district
Dates opened and closed Opened c.1871, abandoned c.1875
Owner Andrew and Mrs Walker
Type of working Inclined shaft (shale), vertical shaft (coal)
Seams worked Fells shale (mine), Houston coal (pit)
Oil works served Hartwood Paraffin Oil Works
Current status of site Shale mine bing still evident within agricultural land


Shale and coal workings associated with the short lived Hartwood Paraffin Oil Works. See the oil works page for further information and images.


Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

Underground Workings


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At the former locality (Mid-Hartwood), a pit, 10 fathoms deep, was sunk to the Houston Coal, and a short distance to the N.W., the Fells Shale was opened out at a small mine about 230 feet long, and from the bottom of this incline about 300 yards of levels were driven. In the early days of shale mining this seam was termed the "Hartwood" Shale, but afterwards it was correctly correlated with the "Thick" Shale (Fells) of the West Calder district. The face of this seam had 4 inches of "Plain" shale on top and 18 inches of "Curly" below, which is much less than the average thickness in this district. A small bench of retorts of the type then in use was erected close to the mine mouth, and the yield from the "Curly" portion of the seam is reported to have been 40 gallons per ton. Oil Shales of the Lothians; British Geological Survey, 1906.

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