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Drumcrosshall No. 1 and No. 2 Mines

Location 55.910428, -3.581815 show in map
Alternative names Deans shale-field
Dates opened and closed Opened c.1866?, closed c.1870?
Owner Lester and Wyllie
Type of working Inclined adit ?
Seams worked Fells shale, Gray shale.
Oil works served Drumcross Oil Works
Current status of site Arable farmland


Small scale mining of coal and shale took place at Drumcrosshall to supply the two short-lived oil works at Drumcross. Mining of Houstoun coal seems to have continued following the closure of the works in 1867; being abandoned in 1870. The snippet (below) suggests that shale was worked at Drumcross No. 2 Mine, whilst a sketch plan of mine workings plots the location of an adit to the Fells shale.

The Coal Authority Mine Abandonment Catalogue lists drawing S713, showing working in the Fells shale (abandoned 1867), the Grey shale and the Main or Houstoun Coal (abandoned in 1870). It also lists plan 1931, showing workings in the Stewart shale at Drumcross, abandoned in 1886, the location of which has still to be identified.


Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

Underground Workings

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… the Grey shale, a seam of about 18 inches in thickness. This Grey shale is often sunk through, and could be more readily opened up, than any other shale seam in the country; but with the exception of a small trial at present being made of it at Drumcrosshall, there is none of it now working. It is said to be rich in solid paraffine and to contain from 22 gallons of crude oil per ton; but the oil is heavy or inferior in quality. ….... Occasionally a few inches of shale and gas coal are found associated with (the Houstoun Coal), as at Drumcrosshall, both of which are converted into oil. The Scotsman 30th June 1866.

MINE-CONTRACTORS WANTED to PUT OUT the COAL SHALE and FIRECLAY in No.1 MINE , and SHALE in No.2 MINE, DRUMCROSS, near BATHGATE. There are Houses on the Ground which the Contractor can have possession of. Specifications and further particulars to be had of Mr. WALKER, Drumcross; or LESTER, WYLLIE, & Co., 146 Buchanan St, Glasgow. The Scotsman 9th February 1867.