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Boghall No. 4 and unidentified workings

Location Site of No.4 pit to Dunnet shale not known. Unidentified mine to Reaburn shale: 55.885632, -3.598847, show in map.
Shale-field Cousland and Seafield shale-field
Dates opened and closed Boghall No.4 Dunnet shale workings abandoned 1871. Raeburn workings abandoned 1870
Owner E. Meldrum & Co. (Meldrum, M'Lagan and Simpson), Uphall Mineral Oil Co., Uphall Oil Co.
Type of working Boghall No.4 not known, Unidentified Raeburn mine worked by inclined adit
Seams worked Dunnet shale (Boghall No.4), Raeburn shale (unidentified mine)
Oil works served Boghall shale oil works
Current status of site Bing of the unidentified mine extant and quarried for burnt waste.


The history and numbering of the pits and mines serving Boghead Oil Works is uncertain. Mine abandonment registers record a "Boghall No. 4" working the Fells shale which was abandoned in 1871. It would seem likely that the area of Fells shale worked would be different from that accessed from Boghall No. 1 Pit, and a possible pocket of Fells shales working is suggested below in "Plan of Workings". This might however simply be an extension of workings from Seafield No. 1 Mine.

Mine plans also show an un-named mine providing access to a small reserve of Raeburn shale, and noted as having been abandoned in 1870. This is also plotted below. Confusingly the Coal Authority Mine Abandonment Catalogue (ref S3540) shows workings in the Raeburn Shale at Starlaw as abandoned in 1900.


Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

Underground Workings

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Coal Authority mine abandonment catalogue list the following shale workings:

Also the following associated coal workings: