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Boghall No. 3 pit

Location 55.883130, -3.588145, show in map
Shale-field Cousland and Seafield shale-field
Dates opened and closed Unknown; presumably active within the period when Boghall Oil Works were active (1868-1882)
Owner E. Meldrum & Co. (Meldrum, M'Lagan and Simpson), Uphall Mineral Oil Co., Uphall Oil Co. ?
Type of working Vertical shaft, 49 fathoms deep
Seams worked Fells shale
Oil works served Boghall Shale Oil Works
Current status of site Within Easter Inch Moss and Seafield Law local nature reserve; buried within an area of upland formed from landfill and the re-modelling of Seafield oil works bing.


The history and numbering of the pits and mines serving Boghead Oil Works is unclear. This site, marked on mine plans as "No. 3 pit", lay south of the presumed site of Boghall Oil Works, and appeared on maps to be linked to the works by an abandoned tramway. It is assumed therefore that the mine was Boghead No.3 pit.


Ordnance Survey maps reproduced by kind permission of the Trustees of the National Library of Scotland.

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