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English & Foreign Oil Finance Ltd.

Constitution A limited company
Company number Registered in England, No. 00132197
Share capital £105,000
Date of Incorporation November 1913
Date of Dissolution unknown
Registered Office A. N. Stockdale, 20 Lawrence Lane, London London E.C.2.
Property Exploratory works on the subsequent site of Setch Oil Works,

From about 1916, the company was engaged in prospecting for shale in lands south of Kings Lynn and experimented in retorting oil shales found there under the direction of their consultant geologist Dr. William Forbes-Leslie. In 1918, they promoted a new company; English Oilfields Ltd. to take forward this business, retaining a 50% shareholding in that company.


The Oil and Petroleum Manual, (1921), described the company as:

"Registered on 17th November 1913, to act as a general finance company, and in March 1918, promoted and sold properties to English Oilfields Ltd. In addition to its holding in English Oilfield Ltd, the company owns an oil shale area adjoining the English Oilfield property in Norfolk."

Directors of the company included:

The company remained extant until at least 1937






















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