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two framed paintings, one of James Betts Ruffell - candlemaker at Broxburn Oil Company Works during the late 19th century to early 20th century, and the second of his wife, Elizabeth Aitken Russell Ruffell. Grandparents of the donor. Details of Mrs Ruffell's painting are enclosed in the back of the portrait


06/10/1998 Information provided by donor: Mr and Mrs Ruffell were the great-grandparents of the donor. Mr Ruffell learned his trade in Greenwich and moved to West Lothian to take up his post as candlemaker at Youngs works at the turn of the century. His grandchildren were frequent visitors to the works and helped wrap the candles in tissue paper. NOTE THIS INFORMATION WAS RECORDED INCORRECTLY, UPDATED INFORMATION BELOW 28/09/2009 Information provided by Dr John McKay: James Ruffell was foreman candlemaker at Broxburn Oil Company Works (information available in the 1881 census). He also owned a large number of houses in Broxburn. Ruffell was born in England and possibly learnt his trade with Prices Patent Candles. NOTE JAMES RUFFELL WAS FATHER OF THE SUBJECT, JAMES BETTS RUFFELL 21/06/2010 Information provided by donor, Muriel Nicol and her cousin, Arthur Ruffell: the Ruffell family portraits are of my grandparents not great grandparents. My great gandfather (James Ruffell) came from Greenwich to work at Broxburn with his family of 12 plus 2 more born in Broxburn. My grandparents names are James Betts Ruffell (born Greenwich, London 22/01/1872) and Elizabeth Aitken Russell Ruffell (born Uphall 22/03/1874). Family history added to object entry form

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