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Stock and Cost Returns

An eclectic range of stock and cost returns for Scottish Oils Ltd, as well as a number of smaller companies. The documents detail information such as how much a company has produced, how much it has received, how much it costs to despatch a product, and all the little facts and figures that allow us to see just how a company operates.

Average Costs

Coal and Chemical Returns

Cooperage, Despatching and Handling Cost Returns

Crude Oil, Sulphate of Ammonia, Caustic Soda, Lime Hydration, Brickmaking, Detergent, Vitriol Cost Returns


Crude Oil Cost Returns

Fuel and Chemical Stock Returns

Lime Hydration Brickmaking, Detergent, Vitriol Cost Returns

Manufacturing Costs

Mining and Works Cost Statements

Paraffin Wax Stock Returns

Refinery Abstracts, Returns of Finished Products and Candle House Returns

Refinery Cost Returns and Candle House Cost Returns

Refining Cost Sheets

Shale, Crude Oil and Sulphate of Ammonia Returns

Shale and Colliery Returns

Shale Cost Returns

Shale Mining, Retorting, Fuel and Chemical Stock Returns

Stock Returns

Sulphate of Ammonia Cost Returns

Throughput and Yields

Yearly Cost Returns

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